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The Museo del Romanticismo corresponds to a specific type of museum: the museum house, given that it recreates the way of life of an specific social class, the high bourgeoisie during the reign or Isabel II (1830-1868).
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Museum of Romanticism

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It safeguards a heritage that is not only tangible and visible, such as the house itself, the decorative objects, the graphic arts, the paintings, etc., but also intangible and allusive and which refers to the uses of the rooms, family roles, social customs, fashions, tastes, the way of life, etc.

The Museum visitor has access to different types and levels of information trough two essential routes: an atmospheric tour, with special reference made to the decorative aspects and the daily life of the period, and a tour that follows thematic criteria, in which historical and policital issues are shown, in addition to artistic ones.

The Museo del Romanticismo has been created from the personal collection that Benigno Vega-Inclán built up troughout his life, and which contained not only paintings but also other items of furniture and decorative arts. Since then, the initial core of the collection has been enriched with subsequent purchases, donations and deposits which have made the Museum one of the clearest exponents of the recreation of Romantic atmospheres from the 19th century in Spain.

The Museum’s collections are characterised by their richness and heterogeneity, and covers paintings, miniatures, furniture, decorative arts, engravings, drawings and photography, offering a wide and rich panorama of the Art of the Romantic period.
Museum of Romanticism
The Romanticism is a cultural and political movement that reached its height troughout Europe in the early 19th century and which represented a new world view. The Museum is housed in a palace in the neoclassical style, built in 1776 under the direction of the architect Manuel Rodríguez, commissioned by the Marquis of Matallana. The interior space is organised around two courtyards and a beautiful garden, that provide light and ventilation.

Upon entering the vestibule, a glass door leads to a hallway, in which the bronze bust of the Museum’s founder, Benigno Vega-Inclán (1858-1942), carved by Mariano Benlliure in 1931, is exhibited.
3,00 / 1,50 EUR Free admission: Saturdays after 2 pm.
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