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The René Magritte Museum occupies the house in which the Belgian surrealist painter worked nearly 24 years of his life. On the ground floor the museum presents the apartment where the painter lived and worked from 1930 to 1954. A biographical exhibition is spread on the two other floors. The period spent at the rue Esseghem, the only house which is open to the public since 1999, remains the most fascinating one for anybody who wishes to approach the painter.
The house of René Magritte
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René Magritte Museum

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The René Magritte museum is installed in the house where the famous surrealist painter lived for twenty-four years. The dwelling was restored and turned into a museum from 1993 to 1999. It is designed as a permanent tribute to one of the most brilliant artists of all time. This living environment, recreated with authentic furniture, inspired Magritte in his work. In the dining room of this rented apartment, the artist painted nearly half of his body of work. This quiet spot was where his most creative period developed, resulting in awe-inspiring paintings.

135 rue Esseghem also became the headquarters of the Belgian surrealists. The artist's friends used to gather there every week and organise all kinds of happenings. Their meetings resulted in many subversive activities, books, journals and pamphlets. These activities are clearly illustrated on the two upper floors of the museum through original works, photographs, objects of interest, letters and personal documents.

Next to the reconstitution of the apartment of René Magritte, the museum holds a collection of over 400 archive documents, photos and objects, as well as some 30 original works of the artist describing the evolution of his life: from his youth up to the consecration of his career. Beside the rare items as an original painting of his youth, the original manuscript‚ Book of Thoughts', the advertising works and letters to his clients and friends, the museum exhibits continuously other masterpieces, such as‚ Le Témoin' (1939).
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René Magritte Museum
Rue Esseghem 135
1090 Brussels
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