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Historical and contemporary photography as well as film and sound documents from the early days of these media to the present day: the Multimedia Collections are the audiovisual memory of Styria, documenting the province and its people on their journey to the digital age - both from an official and a private perspective.
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Multimedia Collections

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With over two million items in the inventory, the Multimedia Collections are among the most important audiovisual collections in Austria. Their photographic, audio and film documents are of historical, cultural, regional and technological relevance, and document Styria and its populace in transition to the digital age.
Since 26th of November 2011, these forward-thinking collections are accessible to a broader public in a new form in the Joanneum Quarter.
Joanneum Quarter
The Joanneum Quarter Project (1997–2011)
On November 26, 2011, exactly two hundred years to the day that the Universalmuseum Joanneum was founded – the Joanneum Quarter has been opened. This new cultural centre on a historical plot of land unites the historical museum and library buildings in Rauber-, Neutor- and Kalchberggasse into one architectural entity. Retaining the original character of the individual buildings, the new centre creates an urban piazza for Graz Old Town that is situated above an underground visitors’ centre. The Neue Galerie Graz, the Multimedia Collections and the Styrian State Library commence operations from the day they open at their newly designed location. The Natural History Museum in the Raubergasse building will open early in 2013.
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Joanneum Quarter
Joanneumviertel (Zugang Kalchberggasse)
8010 Graz
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