The Dr Ivan Ribar and Cata Dujšin-Ribar Memorial Collection


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In 1976 Cata Dujšin-Ribar donated a collection of 203 art objets (antique furniture, paintings, sculpture, fine craft objects from the 15th to the 20th century and 80 of her own drawings and paintings), the library and manuscripts and other material from Dr Ivan Ribar and Dubravko Dujšin.
Zgrada u Demetrovoj 3 / Building in Demetrova 3
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The Dr Ivan Ribar and Cata Dujšin-Ribar Memorial Collection

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The flat of Cata Dujšin-Ribar, painter and poetess (1897 -1994) is a memorial museum collection representing life and work of her and her two husbands - Dubravko Dujšin – famed actor, director and theatre educator and Dr Ivan Ribar, politician.

The memorial space consist of the hall, Cata’s room, the sitting room, the bedroom and the room of Dr Ivan Ribar, and has a valuable collection of Cata's drawings and paintings, paintings and sculptures (among which many works by famous Croatian artists of the 20st century, like Ivan Meštrović, Vanja Radauš, Kosta Angeli Radovani, ecc.), and various objects of the fine crafts. Extremely valuable painting in the collection is Madonna and Child of the 15th century Italian master Vittore Crivelli, and a painting of Fair-Haired Madonna (oil on copper, Italy, early 16th century).

Memorial has a fine collection of books with works from the area of visual and theatrical arts.
The Dr Ivan Ribar and Cata Dujšin-Ribar Memorial Collection
The building at Demetrova 3 is of great cultural and historical, architectural and urban design value, and is protected by a preventive conservation order of the Regional Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Culture in Zagreb of 1969, and has the quality of cultural property.

The house was built on the old city ramparts in the middle of the 18th century, and the current form of the four-wing mansion with an interior courtyard was acquired with extensions in the 19th and 20th century. Up to the mid-19th century, the house consisted of a twostorey western wing on the rampart and a northern wing looking onto the street, alongside which were the stables. In the middle of the 19th century, a storey was added on to the street wing, together with an entrance passage and a Classicist staircase, as well as a wooden portico on the eastern and southern side of the courtyard. The second floor on the western and northern wings was added in 1926 after a design by the architect Ignjat Fischer, who had a studio in the house. Then the portico in the courtyard acquired stone pillars, and a well was made in the yard.

The flat of Cata Dujšin-Ribar is located on the second floor of the wing looking onto Tuškanac. This is a large four-roomed flat with an additional maid’s room, 128 square metres in total area.

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The Dr Ivan Ribar and Cata Dujšin-Ribar Memorial Collection
Demetrova 3/II
10000 Zagreb
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