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Mathematic is the language whit which God has written the univers (Galilei) and it is the most original creation of the human spirit (Whitehead) so Mateureka, mathmuseum, presents the instruments, the ideas, the concepts of one of the most fascinating adventures of human thought. In the frame of four floors of ancient civic building are exposed hundred of items, originals and precieus, which tell mathematic history.
Antico Palazzo Comunale
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Mateureka - Mathmuseum

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At the beginning of each itinerary, hundreds of valuable original objects are on display, which take the visitor on a journey through the history of calculation and mathematics.

 The visitor can admire a Sumerian foundation  nail and tablets dating from 4,500 years ago, Roman stone tablets and Etruscan inscriptions, abacuses, Chinese suan pan,Japanese soroban, Russian schoty, an astrolabe, a medieval counting table, Incan quipù and Peruvian chimpù, the Summa by Luca Pacioli, Napier's cylinders and rods, proportional compasses; the Pascaline (a recon- struction), rulers and nomographs, arithmometers, and mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, and programmable calculators.

In many lab-rooms the visitor can experiment with the concepts and ideas of mathematics, not only to partake of knowledge but, more importantly, emotions. Observe infinity and zero; deal with Pythagoras's theorem or immerse themselves in an exciting voyage inside a fractal; play with prime numbers and the Greek pi, or be fascinated by that little golden number which makes everything around us  beautiful, and discover, bit-by-bit, that mathematics is the basis for computer science, Internet, virtual reality, and robotics, and that it is part of our everyday lives.
Mateureka - Math museum
Ancient civic building of Pennabilli city until 1960 and now restructured which hosts Mateureka, math museum.
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Mateureka - Math museum
Piazza Garibaldi, 1
61016 Pennabilli
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10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
lunchbreak between 12.30-15:30 - The exhibition portal for Europe