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Located near Schönbrunn Palace, the Imperial Carriage Museum’s unique collection of imperial carriages and sleighs invites you on a tour through Austrian history. Magnificent carriages offer a glimpse of the eventful lives of rulers such as Maria Theresia, Napoleon or Emperor Franz Joseph.
Schloß Schönbrunn, Wien
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Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna

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The highlight of the collection is the splendid baroque Imperial Coach, but there are also other exquisite carriages, comfortable coaches for travelling and charming children’s carriages for Habsburg princes and princesses. You can also enjoy the “Sisi Trail”, which showcases the Empress’s sumptuous carriages and personal objects such as her only surviving saddle, her “riding chapel” and her magnificent court robes.
Schönbrunn Palace, Imperial Carriage Museum
Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria and since the 1960s has also been one of the major tourist attractions in Vienna. Soon after the end of the monarchy the population of Vienna discovered the park as an attractive recreational area. Eventually the palace was also opened to the public, drawing around 2 million visitors annually. The park and all the other attractions at Schönbrunn together see a further 6 million visitors each year, giving a grand total of 8 million visitors to the imposing palace complex each year.
At the 20th session of the World Heritage Committee held in December 1996 Schönbrunn Palace was put on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, an institution founded in 1972. Inclusion in this list confirms the importance of the palace and its gardens as a Baroque work of art. If you have any further questions we would be pleased to answer them at any time.
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Schönbrunn Palace, Imperial Carriage Museum
Schloss Schönbrunn
1130 Vienna
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