Joensuu Art Museum


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Antiquities, Chinese art, Central and Southern European paintings and sculptures from the 14th century onwards, in addition to Finnish art from the 19th and 20th centuries in the form of paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.
Joensuu Art Museum
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Joensuu Art Museum

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The Joensuu Art Museum is situated right in the town centre near the market square. The neo-Renaissance building, a former grammar school, was built in 1894 and designed by architect Theodor Decker.
The Joensuu Art Museum was founded in 1962 as a result of two significant donations to the town, namely the collections of Olavi Turtiainen and that of Arla Cederberg. Somewhat later the town also received the collection of Onni Okkonen in two lots (1964 and 1972). These three donations form the nucleus of the museum's collections.
Art Museum gained a significant boost to its modern art collection 2007 by virtue of a substantial donation from the Helsinki art devotee Carl-Johan af Forselles. Af Forselles has been well known in artistic circles for decades as a connoisseur of modern art, he has written numerous articles about contemporary artists and their work and has acted as an advisor in the construction of exhibitions.
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Joensuu Art Museum
Kirkkokatu 23
80100 Joensuu
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