Jánošík and Terchová


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The museum displays a permanent exposition about the life of the popular national folk hero Jánošik and his birthplace Terchová.
Exhibition Terchová a Jánošík
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Jánošík and Terchová

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Terchová is famous for the legend of Juraj Jánošik, who was born in Terchová in January 1688. The village itself has existed for 400 years but it has been known for much longer. First mention of the village was on the 22nd April 1580. Its establishment was closely connected with the Wallachian colonisation and law. Terchová had been losing its ethnic identity and during this period it saw economic enterprise. The original Wallachian settlement expanded and eventually turned into a village of shepherds and peasants. In the second half of the 17th century, Terchová became a part of the Teplice estate.
The village’s new owners brought a lot of new settlers into the village. According to historical documentation, the new settlers were mostly of a Wallachian origin and they settled primarily in the hills of Tešín and Kysuce. Amongst these migrants were most likely the ancestors of Juraj Jánošík. Juraj Jánošik is a national folk hero and archetypal character of highwaymen in Slovakia. His legend is similar to that of Dick Turpin and Robin Hood in English folklore.  After Jánošik’s death, his legend grew and his name was idealised and today he is an inseparable part of Slovak folklore. He has inspired numerous artists, writers, poets and painters as his name and depiction features in various forms of Slovak art.
The main part of the exhibition focuses on Juraj Jánošík's life but also displays reflections of Jánošík in many areas of popular culture, most notably in folk fine arts, presenting numerous wooden sculptures, painted ceramics, glass paintings, copper reliefs and drawings exhibited in the central part of the expohibition. The most valuable exhibit is a huge oil painting showing Jánošík riding in the midst of village people. He has also become a rewarding subject for literature and filmmaking. Therefore, you can see photos and texts presenting Jánošík as a strong figure in film and literature.
Jánošík a Terchová
Adults: 2€ | Students, Pensions and those with disabilities: 1,30 € | Children under 6 years: Free
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Jánošík and Terchová
Sv. Cyrila a Metoda 960
013 06 Terchová
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Closed on Mondays and during National holidays (18. 4. 2014, 24. 12. 2014, 25. 12. 2014, 26. 12. 2014, 1. 1. 2015, 6. 1. 2015)

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