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In 1723 the vaults of Dresden's Residenzschloss were transformed into a museum of treasures, making it the oldest museum of applied art in the world.
Dresdner Residenzschloss
© Staatliche Kunstsammlung, Fotograf: David Brandt (2013)
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The Green Vault

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The Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) enjoys world renown as one of Europe’s most sumptuous treasure chambers. Having been on exhibit in the Albertinum for thirty years, the famous collection of the Wettin electors is now returning to its historic home in the Dresden Royal Palace.

In two exhibition areas "Neues Grünes Gewölbe" (New Green Vault) and "Historisches Grünes Gewölbe" (Historic Green Vault) of very different character, visitors will experience these magnificent artworks of gold, silver, precious gems, enamel, ivory, bronze and amber in an intensity unparalleled to date.

Already open to the public since September 2004, the “Neues Grünes Gewölbe” presents some 1,080 objects of the Renaissance to Classicist periods on the first upper floor of the West Wing. A circular tour through ten display rooms focuses on many of the collection’s major works, including the Golden Coffee Set, the Royal Household of the Grand Mogul and the Ivory Frigate with its paper-thin sails, as well as the exceedingly precious Green Diamond hat clasp and the Cherry Stone with the 185 countenances. The unobtrusive modern presentation enables the visitor to view the treasures from close up and thus to be enchanted by their sheer infinite wealth of detail.

The “Historisches Grünes Gewölbe” will open its doors on the ground floor of the West Wing on the occasion of the city’s anniversary in 2006. It was here that, between 1723 and 1730, August the Strong realized his vision of a Baroque synthesis of the arts as an expression of wealth and absolutist power. Extensive restoration work and partial reconstructions will allow the historic interior to shine in new splendour. In harmony with the festive architecture, 3,000 artworks will be presented standing freely against a background of richly embellished and mirrored display walls and on ornamental tables. In this incomparable Baroque setting, the individual artwork recedes behind the overflowing abundance of the whole. The circular tour climaxes in the Jewel Room where the jewel sets of August the Strong and his son are on view – a unique historical collection of eighteenth-century ceremonial jewellery.
Residenzschloss Dresden
Royal Palace (New Green Vault, Armoury at the New Giant's Hall, Turkish Chamber, Collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs, Hausmannsturm and current special exhibitions): 10,00/ 7,50 EUR/ 0-16y free | Historic Green Vault: 12,00 EUR, incl. Audioguide/ 0-16y free | Combined ticket (Royal Palace and Historic Green Vault): 19,50 EUR
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Residenzschloss Dresden
Taschenberg 2
01067 Dresden
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