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The Museum houses a wide range of exhibits depicting the domestic, rural and traditional ways of life in the agrarian economy of the Maltese and Gozitans in past centuries.
Folklore Museum, Citadel Gozo
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Folklore Museum

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The Museum is located in the apt setting of medieval houses in Milite Bernardo Street in the Citadel. The houses were probably built towards the end of the 15th or the beginning of the 16th century. The architectural features are in Sicilian style, and may owe something to the influence of the Chiaramonte family of Sicily and southern Italy when they were Counts of Malta in the late 14th century. It seems probable that this style survived locally after it had become obsolete in Sicily.

The rustic domestic interiors are relatively plain, but pleasant, and contrast sharply with the more delicate façades with their rounded doorways, double windows divided by a slender column and the finely carved stonework. The houses are considered as an outstanding example of late medieval domestic architecture. To ensure their preservation, these houses were rehabilitated into a Folklore Museum in 1983.
Folklore Museum
8 / 5 EUR (Joint admission fees to Citadella Sites which include The Gozo Museum of Archaeology , The Old Prison, The Folklore Museum and the Gozo Nature Museum)
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Folklore Museum
Bernardo de Opuo Street
VCT 104 Victoria
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