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The Earth Science Research and Information Centre focusTerra presents on three levels the three topics "Dynamics of the Earth", "Treasures of the Earth" and "Archives of the Earth".
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Why does the Earth shake?
How does a crystal grow?
What do lake sediments and fossils tell us about climate and the environment?

In focusTerra, the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich shows that geology consists of far more than just rocks. Embedded in a research institute, the exhibition is bridging between science and the public.

The tower-like structure of the exhibition represents a journey through the Earth and illustrates the geologic processes from the Earth's interior to its surface. focusTerra provides insights into the latest research and covers socially relevant topics such as natural hazards, the shortage of resources, or siting repositories for nuclear waste.

The permanent exhibition, which comprises an earthquake simulator and the most beautiful minerals and fossils from the Earth Science Collections at ETH Zurich, is regularly complemented by special exhibitions.
focusTerra - ETH Zürich
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