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The Salzburg Cathedral Museum is dedicated to the art and the culture of one of the oldest Archbishoprics in German-speaking territories. It displays art treasures from the cathedral and the churches of the archdiocese.
Residenz, Dom und Abtei St. Peter
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Cathedral Museum Salzburg

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The Cathedral Museum is located in the galleries of the Salzburg Cathedral which are already worth seeing in their own right. These rooms which were once partially used as chapels have preserved their baroque decoration and offer unusual views of the city and into the cathedral.

Above all the art treasures contain medieval goldsmith's works, textiles, sculptures and paintings. The remarkable exhibits include the Cross of Saint Rupert from the 8th century, the Sacred Dove from Limoges as well as reliefs by Georg Raffael Donner.

Very special is the cabinet of curiosities of the museum. The multifaceted collection of minerals, fossils, animals and devices appeals to an intuitive experience arousing curiosity and amazement.

The cabinet of curiosities leads to the "Long Gallery of St. Peter's Abbey", a 70 m long corridor with baroque paintings. Particularly the works by Paul Troger are to be emphasised here.
Salzburg Cathedral Museum
With its distinctive two-tower facade and its impressive structure the Cathedral dominates the view of the city of Salzburg. The present cathedral has two medieval predecessors whose remnants can be seen in the crypt. The present baroque cathedral was begun in 1614 and consecrated by Archbishop Paris Lodron in 1628. Around 1660, the two arcades which link the cathedral to the residence and the Abbey of St. Peter’s were built, as well as the long wing to the south of cathedral square.

Today, in the upper floor of the cathedral, the cathedral museum is accommodated. In the southern arcade you can see the cabinet of curiosities, and in the long corridor that follows the Gallery of the Abbey of St. Peter’s. In the future, the passages to the residence will be opened, too, so that visitors can experience the unity of the baroque Gesamtkunstwerk.

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Salzburg Cathedral Museum
Domplatz 1a
5020 Salzburg
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