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Our museum, was originally opened in Berlin in 1997, was the world's first permanent exhibition devoted to digital interactive entertainment culture. Our new permanent exhibition “Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium" opened on the 21st of January, 2011. You will find more than 300 exhibits in an interactive and experiment-friendly environment that conveys the cultural history of computer and video games.
Das Computerspielemuseum in der Karl-Marx-Allee
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Are computer games the popular harbingers of a new culture? The home computer was transformed into a gaming machine more than 30 years ago. Digital games have since contributed to the spread of the computer more than all other applications. The new medium conveys the message of interaction - everyday participation and creative options are increasingly being realised on globally organised interactive networks.

The first part of the exhibition prepares the visitor for the first stage of the journey into the world of "Homo Ludens Digitalis".  Virtuality and interaction are introduced as historical issues relating to the "playing man" and as intrinsic connotations of the computer game medium.

The history of the computer game is primarily a history of great technological inventions. Only what is technically possible can be applied to the new game-culture. The second part of the exhibition conveys the fusion of technology, human creativity and game culture in a historical context, with the aid of the often rare original exhibits.

The third part of the exhibition explores the ramifications of global digitalisation - both in relation to society as a whole and to the individual? Which characteristics and skills will be needed in the future? What opportunities and risks are associated with the establishments of virtual worlds? What developments can we expect?
The building is part of  Germany's longest architectural monument: the Karl-Marx-Allee (formerly known as "Stalinallee").
As an example of Socialistic Classicism Architecture - also known as "Stalinist wedding-cake-style" - the houses were initially concipated as "palaces for workers".

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Family ticket: € 19 (after 6 pm: € 16)
max. 5 persons, max. 2 adults
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