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The Archaeological Museum of Savona, opened in 1990, is located in the medieval Palazzo della Loggia, the only one building survived to Genoan destruction, that testifys the important social and economic life during the Medieval Age. Inside the Museum you can see an archaeological area with finds of protostoric Age and a byzantine necropolis.
Fortezza Priàmar
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Archaeological Museum of Savona

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A part of the Priamàr Fortress was opened in 1990, together with the Civic Historical-Archaeological Museum of Savona which is on the ground floor of the Loggia. The Museum offers a suggestive archaeological itinerary and a display of interesting objects. From the 16th and 18th century structures of the first room, where parts of a 15th century wall and a flooring are still visible, you pass to the main room of the museum which was the original core of the medieval castle.

In the last room the reconstruction of part of the necropolis shows what the Priamàr was like before the early Middle Ages. Evidence of the millenary life of the Priamàr Hill is given by the objects in the showcases. In the first room there are some elements belonging to the middle Bronze Ages; Islamic and Byzantine ceramics, imported at the beginning of the late Middle Ages, and majolicas are displayed in the second room.

The objects belonging to private collections (mosaics as well as ceramic, bronze and glass artifacts), in the first part of the display, do not concern the history of the Priamàr. Sources to help you follow the itinerary of the Hill also include audio-visual media and a CD Rom by which you can explore the Monumental Complex and the Archaeological Museum.

The Civic Historical-Archaeological Museum of Savona is supervised by the International Institute of Ligurian Studies, whose seat is in Bordighera. It also supervises the Museum of Finale, Albenga, Sanremo and Ventimiglia, the Historical Archive of Albeng, Rambaldi picture-Gallery in Coldirodi and the Library of Vado Ligure. Guided tours are organized by the scientific staff of the Museum (bookings in advance for groups would be appreciated). The Museum is didactically and scientifically involved with Universities, Italian and Foreign Research Corporations.
The Priamar Fortress
The Priamàr Fortress was built by the Republic of Genoa between 1542 and 1544.  One of the most important quarters of the late medieval town, including the cathedral, the bishop’s palace, the Dominican church, the ten oratories and the castle of Santa Maria, was destroyed to build the imposing bastions. Important transformations took place over the centuries.

It even became a prison where Giuseppe Mazzini was imprisoned in 1830-31. After having being abandoned for a long time, the City of Savona has started restoration work on it.
Il biglietto intero ha un costo pari a 2,50 euro, il prezzo del ridotto (dai 13 ai 18 e oltre i 65 anni) è di 1,50 euro. Regular: 2,50 euro; Junior & Senior (65 years plus): 1,50 euros.
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Visitor entrance

The Priamar Fortress
Corso Mazzini, 1
17010 Savona
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