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The CAM - Modern Art Centre was founded in 1983, has the largest collection of twentieth and twenty-first century Portuguese art, a British Art collection and a group of Armenian works of art.
Centro de Arte Moderna
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The Modern Art Centre José de Azeredo Perdigão

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The Modern Art Centre is committed to maintaining an acquisition program in order to improve what is already the largest collection of twentieth and twenty-first century Portuguese art as well as a diversified program of temporary exhibitions, taking place either in the Modern Art Centre building or in the foundation headquarters. These exhibitions aim to enhance the collection and to keep the public updated with last century’s most relevant national and international artistic production.

In addition to temporary exhibitions, the Modern Art Centre keeps part of its collection on permanent display, the remainder being presented in rotation exhibitions.

The art collection, whose acquisitions program began at the end of the 1950´s, contains the most representative Portuguese twentieth-century artists, as well as some foreign artists with whom the former were acquainted, dating mostly up to the 1950’s; a British Art collection; and a group of Armenian works of art.

Thus in this manner the Modern Art Centre’s collection was built: a collection that allowed a global vision of artistic activity in Portugal throughout the 20th Century and into the present. Since 1983, the Foundation has sought to accompany striking artistic production through the acquisition of works by artists that have been representative of these past decades, without, however, neglecting to overcome the flaws that are being revealed by the study and exhibition of the collection.
The Modern Art Centre
Modern Art Centre was opened in 1983 in southern part of the Gulbenkian Park.

The CAM building consists of two separate sections: the Modern Art Museum, which comprises three interconnected galleries, and a space for cultural events, including a multi-purpose room for events and meetings. A reception hall with a cafeteria and bookshop links these premises.

A comprehensive collection of contemporary art and sculpture has been acquired over the years, mainly Portuguese but with some works by British artists.
Permanent Collection and Temporary Exhibition 5 EUR / Ticket Set (2 museums and Temporary Exhibition Gallery) 8 EUR / Free Admission on Sundays
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The Modern Art Centre
Rua Dr. Nicolau de Bettencourt
1050-078 Lisbon
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Encerra: 1 de Janeiro, Domingo de Páscoa, 1 de Maio e 25 e 26 de Dezembro
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