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The Berlinische Galerie is one of the newest museums in the German capital and collects art from Berlin dating from 1870 to the present day.
Berlinische Galerie
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Berlinische Galerie

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Fine art - painting, graphics, sculpture, multimedia - photography, architecture and artists’ archives provide a rich source, whose interdisciplinary relationships create exciting dialogues. Its outstanding collections include Dada Berlin, the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) and the Eastern European avant-garde. The art of the divided and reunified city of Berlin provides another focus.

Along with the permanent collection, the spacious industrial hall has plenty to offer: temporary exhibitions, movies, music, lectures, archives, a library, a study center with a hall providing presentation facilities for works on paper. The museum also has a café and museum shop, and last but not least, the"Atelier Bunter Jakob", an art school offering fun and creative activities for children, families, and adults.
Berlinische Galerie
Only a few meters away from the Jewish Museum, the new building of the Berlinische Galerie is located in a residential area built in the eighties as part of the Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA), the International Building Exhibition. The foundation of the museum was a 1956 complex formerly used as a glass warehouse. The warehouse consisted of an 11 meter-high cubic hall and covered an area of 60 x 60 meters. It was attached to an eight-meter high front building and a four-storey office building that paralleled the road.
The structural modification was realized by the DIBAG Industriebau AG, which had shortly before established the new Landesarchiv at Eichborndamm for the state of Berlin. The architect Jörg Fricke collaborated closely with the Berlinische Galerie in the production of his drafts, enabling the museum to open on October 22, 2004 after a construction period of only one year. Since the total budget of only 18.7 million Euros excluded extensive architectural remodeling, planners focused on maximizing functionality and space utilization to preserve the functional aspect of the industrial building. In this way, special attention was placed on the spatial concept, which was designed in order to accommodate the complex requirements of the collection.

The goal was to create a spatial situation which would enable a exciting presentation of classical works and installations. This was achieved by a partially open mezzanine that structures the exhibition area by dividing it into two levels. The height of the different halls vary from 3.5 meters (upper level), to 6 meters (ground floor beneath the mezzanine), to 10 meters (the highest point of the hall). In addition to wheelchair-accessible elevators, the upper level can be reached by two stairways in the center of the building that cross the area diagonally. For the most part, the upper level is free of firmly inserted walls; the purpose for this is to create the appropriate space for the presentation of particular collection inventory and temporary exhibitions by using flexible wall systems.

The design of the forecourt
In conjunction with the Office for Art in Public Spaces of the Senate Department for Science, Research, and Culture, the Berlinische Galerie offered an art award for the design of the outside area. The goal was to artistically enhance the forecourt and the museum’s entrance area in order to define the building as a center for art and culture in its surrounding urban space. The central task was to make the museum building behind the office building recognizable as a museum from as far away as the road. A sizable jury recommended that two of the altogether ten competition entries should be carried out. After closely examining the feasibility of the project, the Berlinische Galerie, along with the Senate Department of Science, Research, and Culture, decided in the beginning of October 2003 to realize both drafts and to include them in the planning of the building.

8,00 / 5,00 EUR, 1st Monday of the month: 4,00 EUR, Under-18: Free admission, Abweichende Preise bei Sonderausstellungen möglich / Prices may vary for special exhibitions
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