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Museum about the very eventful and fascinating history of Belgium. From the people’s revolt in 1830 to the federal state of today. With unique historical documents and remarkable film clips and photos.

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Belvue museum

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It all goes back to 1830 … where the story begins, the story of how a small country can be so surprising, a story about a piece of land called Belgium. For nearly 200 years, an ever-changing country, a land of good and bad fortune, uprising and war, democracy and kings.

We do not write history in the BELvue museum; history has written our museum. In 9 halls and temporary exhibitions, this country surprises its inhabitants and visitors. Historic events uniquely documented, poignant film snippets and photos that you’ll never forget, moments in the past brought back to life to be relived as a memory for the elder and a discovery for the young...
You could also ‘just’ visit for the magnificent setting, the former 18th century Bellevue hotel – next to the royal palace, with a view of the gardens, beautifully renovated and one of a kind. A building that is more than just bricks and mortar, more than history, a building in which you can partake in our collective memory and that welcomes you with open arms – as a Belgian or a foreign visitor. BELvue has a story that it wants to share with you.
BELvue museum
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BELvue museum
Paleizenplein 7
1000 Brussels
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Closed on: 1 January and 25 December
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