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Visitors to our permanent exhibition can experience the more than 120,000-year history of Bavarian settlement - from the very first appearance of humans in the area to the early Middle Ages.
Bronzene Gesichtsmaske eines Paradehelms aus dem Verwahrfund von Eining, Lkr. Kelheim
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Due to renovation works the museum will be closed from1.8.2016 until 2020. The shop will stay open. New opening hours will be from Monday  to Friday from 10-17

Popular special exhibitions also present some of the museum's hidden treasures from early cultures in Bavaria, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The exhibitions are complemented by an extensive supporting program for all the family.

The acquisition, study and preservation of cultural-historical relics from throughout the history of mankind and their presentation to current and future generations - that is the mission at the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection. Being the central museum for ancient and early Bavarian history, the museum's abundant stocks of archaeological artifacts offers a comprehensive insight into the great variety and change in earlier forms of human existence in the region. With original everyday objects as well as early works of art, visitors are brought face to face with some of our seemingly strange cultural roots. Insight into regional history can make a considerable contribution towards preserving our cultural identity in a continually changing modern world.

The permanent exhibition represents the core sector at the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection. It offers an extensive view of ancient and early cultural development and material heritage in the Bavarian region.
Alongside the permanent installation, the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection also organizes regular special exhibitions on various topics.
In cooperation with several partner institutes, the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection also organizes large-scale state exhibitions - sporadic but spectacular productions dealing with specific subject areas.

An important job at the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection is to protect objects from further decomposition and, if necessary, to prepare them either for scientific study or for exhibition, carry out authenticity tests.

Ever since its inception, the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection in Munich has not been simply a location for exhibitions, but also a research institute. As well as studying the history of early settlement, the focus of interest in recent years has also veered towards research projects concerning material analysis and ancient technologies. Such projects have been carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation with various scientific institutes.
Research activities also include excavation projects.

To date, eleven other museums have become affiliated with the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection. Their fairly even distribution across Bavaria allows us to present important finds close to where they were originally found.
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The museum will be closed from 1.8.2016 until 2020
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