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A museum that delves beneath the surface – finds from “Styrian” prehistory and classical antiquity, the ancient Near East and Egypt
form a framework for the ordinary problems of life common to most times and places. Unique treasures such as the Strettweg Chariot and the most important collection of Roman stones and mosaics in the Eastern Alps are the high points of the new permanent exhibition.
Schloss Eggenberg
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Archaeology Museum

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The Archaeology Museum is the second largest archaeological collection in Austria and has more than 1,200 objects on display. As "traces of human life", they form starting points for looking at issues that have preoccupied humankind for millennia. Highpoints of the new permanent exhibition are Hallstatt-period objects of international importance such as the Strettweg Chariot and the Kleinklein Mask, plus the most valuable Roman period find from Styria, the silver Grünau Skyphos (wine cup).

The development of the new museum began with the closure of the Museum for Prehistory and Early History in 2004 and the Coin and Antiquities Cabinet in 2005, which had been accommodated on the ground floor at Schloss Eggenberg since 1971 and 1982 respectively. With the start of design work on a new archaeological museum by BWM Architects and Partners, work also began on the comprehensive classification and digital recording of the collection. Parallel to the scientific and architectural planning, extensive conservation and restoration work was undertaken on the exhibits. Right from the first, it was the declared wish of the scientific curators, to present them jointly again with the collections hived off in 1971 into a separate Museum for Prehistory and Early History and an Antiquities Cabinet. This aim has now been achieved in ideal fashion with the Archaeology Museum.
Eggenberg Castle
More than just a Palace

An impressive architecture, magnificent premises and a romantic park - enjoy all these in one to the full when visiting Schloss Eggenberg. And: the Schloss to the west of Graz has yet more to offer. Behind its ancient palace walls and in its spacious grounds you will discover a whole universe of natural history and art treasures from the art collections of Universalmuseum Joanneum!
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Eggenberg Castle
Eggenberger Allee 90
8020 Graz
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