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Amos Anderson Art Museum – located in the centre of Helsinki – is the largest private art museum in Finland. The museum is owned and maintained by the arts foundation, Föreningen Konstsamfundet. The museum is housed in Amos Anderson's private home (built in 1913) , which also functioned as the head quarters of Anderson's business operations. After his death, the house was converted into a modern museum.
Amos Anderson Art Museum
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Amos Anderson Art Museum

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Amos Anderson Art Museum is known for its diverse and varied exhibition programme and extensive collection of modern art, of which a choice selection is permanently on display. The display includes several rooms from Amos Anderson's private home and his private chapel. Café Amos and the museum shop are located on the ground floor.

Amos Anderson Art Museum arranges 8–12 exhibitions (sometimes as many as three exhibitions concurrently) a year around special themes covering both contemporary and more traditional art. The majority of temporary exhibitions concern the visual arts, but applied arts and cultural history are also covered. Although the emphasis is on Finnish visual arts, international phenomena are presented on a regular basis.

The Museum's collections include art primarily from the 20th century. In its acquisitions the museum focuses on contemporary art. Some of the older works originally belonged to Amos Anderson's personal collection. The museum receives donations and deposits, which complement acquisitions as a means of extending the collections.
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Amos Anderson Art Museum
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