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The Alvar Aalto Museum, a special museum of architecture, was founded in 1966. It is housed in a building designed by Alvar Aalto. The Museum has also been in charge of the Muuratsalo Experimental House since 1994.
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Alvar Aalto Museum

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The Museum, which functions as an Aalto information centre, takes care of the collections, organises exhibitions in Finland and abroad, and produces publications connected with Alvar Aalto. There is a wide-ranging permanent exhibition of Aalto's work on show in the Museum.

One of the Museum's tasks is the preservation of Alvar Aalto's buildings. It maintains a nation-wide register of protected buildings and provides expert assistance on matters concerning Aalto's buildings, working in close cooperation with the National Board of Antiquities.

Alvar Aalto's life's work is shown in chronological order, concentrating on twenty-four buildings or groups of buildings illustrated with scale models, drawings and photographs. As well as some of Aalto's best known and most important buildings, the visitor van also see small detached houses, exhibition pavilions and buildings abroad. Some of the exhibits are supplemented by reconstructions of parts of their interior.
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Alvar Aalto Museum
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