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Exquisite masterpieces from 500 years of European art evoke whole ages, with a wide variety of subject matter. The sumptuous collection spans the period from the Middle Ages to the late 18th century, with works ranging from the "Admont Madonna" via the paintings of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Pieter Breughel the Younger and Johann Georg Platzer to "Krems" Schmidt.
Schloss Eggenberg
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Alte Galerie

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The exhibiting of the Alte Gallerie at Schloss Eggenberg follows an innovative structuring of the displays, which are organised thematically rather than chronologically; the visitor thus finds the medieval and the modern world co-habiting each room.

The proposed exhibition rooms in 22 rooms on the first floor of Schloss Eggenberg provide excellent conditions for this: They are not only varied in their dimensions, proportions and spatial perspectives, but are also of a general size which accommodates the modern displays in particular with their excellent medium formats, but which also optimally integrates the large formats. The baroque paintings and sculptures are therefore exhibited in a room whose proportions correspond to the epoch, and which displays the paintings’ contents in a way that is appropriate to their status.

At the same time, the proportions at Schloss Eggenberg are such that the medieval art with its different conditions can show off its international qualities to its advantage.
Eggenberg Castle
More than just a Palace

An impressive architecture, magnificent premises and a romantic park - enjoy all these in one to the full when visiting Schloss Eggenberg. And: the Schloss to the west of Graz has yet more to offer. Behind its ancient palace walls and in its spacious grounds you will discover a whole universe of natural history and art treasures from the art collections of Universalmuseum Joanneum!
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Eggenberg Castle
Eggenberger Allee 90
8020 Graz
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