Albrechtsburg Castle


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"Where is the hill on which three castles stand alongside three waters?" - thus goes an old thyme. The solution to the riddle is "Meissen". It is here, where a steep rock is surrounded by rivers Elbe, Triebisch and Meisa, and where in 929 a wooden fortification was erected, high above gloomy forests in the eastern-most parts of the then still young Holy Roman Empire.
Albrechtsburg Meissen mit Meissner Dom
© Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen; Foto: Stephan Hoppe
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Albrechtsburg Castle

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In 929 the first German King Henry I founded a central fortification on Meissen Castle Hill that was to serve as centre of the newly conquered territories in the east of the empire from then on. Extensive remodelling of the castle area began in the mid-13th century. In the course of this transformation the burgravial castle, which was also situated on Castle Hill, was expanded and the late-Gothic cathedral and the Kornhaus (granary) were constructed. Around 1500 the Bishop’s Castle was built which still exists today, south of Albrechtsburg Castle.

Under the guidance of the master builder Arnold of Westfalen and following his construction plans, the brothers Duke Albert and Elector Ernest had a new castle built on the site of the margravial castle, beginning in 1471. It was the deliberately designed castle in Germany - a building of European rank in regard to structural engineering and style. However, it never served as electoral residence. Instead Albrechtsburg Castle remained almost insignificant since its function was merely to provide short-time stately accommodation.

From 1710 onwards it gained importance as first production site of the Porzellanmanufaktur Meißen (Meissen porcelain factory). After the manufactory had moved out in 1863, extensive restorations took place and walls were decorated with new monumental historic paintings. Albrechtsburg Castle - as a significant architectural monument and memorial to Saxon history - has been open to the public since 1881. The ceremony for the re-founding of the Free State of Saxony took place here in 1990.
Albrechtsburg Meissen
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Albrechtsburg Castle
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