Life within a billion years

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An exhibition presenting the evolution of life on the Earth in a most easy-to-understand and illustrative way, i.e. by means of a calendar year.
Morske lilije, Chrionids. Sea Lilies, Chrionids.
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The age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years, which is a period rather difficult to grasp. The exhibition illustrates the characteristics of individual periods from the formation of the Earth until the present day by means of a "year of the Earth", which is comparable to our perception of the time between 1 January and 31 December. The presented history of the Earth spans the formation of oceans, the continental drift, the origin of life and the arrival of man. Scientists estimate that approximately 980 million plant and animal species evolved in a period of 600 million years. Most of them are extinct, as a mere 4.5 million species are known in the world today.

The evolution of life continues and nothing related to it is self-evident. Man, who appeared in the final minutes of the "year of the Earth", has conquered the planet. Technological progress and aggressive human intervention in nature may cause another catastrophic event on Earth. And what happens after?

Understandably, we have no answer to this. The void that occurs after a catastrophe is soon filled with new species. The infinite variability of nature and the large number of possible solutions in a given environment form every living being. New species keep evolving and those that are no longer fit for life become extinct. The survival of the fittest goes on.
Combined with the Proteus Cave Vivarium and the Exhibition Butterflies of the World:
Individuals: adults € 8.90, students 16 - 25 years € 7.10, children under 16 years € 5.30.
Organized groups: adults € 7.70, students 16 - 25 years € 6.20, children under 16 years € 5.00.

Combined with the Exhibitiona Butterflies of the World:
Individuals: adults € 4.40, students 16 - 25 years € 3.50, children under 16 years € 2.60.
Organized groups: adults € 3.80, students 16 - 25 years € 3.10, children under 16 years € 2.50.

The admission fee for children under 6 years is € 1.00 for all visits and includes basic accident insurance.
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