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The collection the History of Telecommunications displays different objects that marked the development of telecommunications in the Slovene territory.
Telephone exchange
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Museum of Post and Telecommunications
Polhov Gradec 61
1355 Polhov Gradec

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Muzej pošte in telekomunikacij

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The swift progress of telecommunications starts with the development of telegraphy. In the museum, visitors can see the working principle of the Morse telegraph and they can test their knowledge of the Morse code. The field of telephony is presented with different types of telephone machines; they range from the magneto crank telephone that was linked to the manual telephone exchange, to different types of automatic telephone machines. There are also different types of functional telephone exchanges to be seen in the museum, the oldest is a Stepping Strowger switch, used in the Ljubljana Post office since 1927. It was directly moved to the museum after it was removed from the Post office in 1981. Visitors can also see the line installers' tools used on the field for construction and maintenance of the telecommunication cable network.
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