The Eleni and Antonios Stathatos Collection

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The Stathatos Collection comprises some 970 objects which cover all the periods of Greek civilization, from prehistory (fifth millennium BC) to modern times (eighteenth century).
Women's head ornament
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National Archaeological Museum, Athens
44 Patission St.,
10682 Athens

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It was donated to the Greek state by Eleni Stathatou in 1957, and is currently a part of the Vase and Minor Objects Collection of the National Archaeological Museum.

The collection is displayed in Room 42 of the museum's ground floor. It contains ornate gold and silver jewelry, clay and silver vessels, sculptures and figurines, and a series of exquisite miniature works in bronze, clay, glass, and bone, from various Greek and Near Eastern workshops, each piece characteristic of its period.

The exhibits are grouped geographically and typologically in chronological order to demonstrate the continuity of Greek art.
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