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What did Van Gogh find consoling about a wheatfield? Discover what Vincent wanted to express in the redesigned presentation of Van Gogh Museum’s collection.
Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Irises, May 1890, oil on canvas, 92.7 cm x 73.9 cm, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)
© Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

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Van Gogh Museum
Paulus Potterstraat, 7
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The spectacular new setting focuses on the development of Vincent van Gogh as an artist.

A new view

In the new layout, you step directly into Van Gogh’s world. You obviously see his masterpieces, but also his drawings and letters. You discover the ideas and ambitions behind his art. Van Gogh experienced life and the world intensely and wanted his art to portray the great themes of life, such as anxiety, suffering, love and hope. You follow the on-going search of an artist who was constantly trying to improve himself. In this way, you get a new view of an artist you thought you knew.

Myths and context

For the first time, the museum focuses on the complete story: the artist, the context, his personal ambitions, his emotions, the myths and his influence until this very day.

Inspiring the world

The huge impact of Van Gogh on the first generation of artists after his death will be shown by expressive works such as those by Maurice de Vlaminck and Kees van Dongen from the museum's own collection.
Periodically, a special (modern) artwork will be displayed that shows to be influenced and inspired by Van Gogh. From November 2014 this will be Francis Bacon's Study for a Portrait of Van Gogh VI, on loan from the Southbank Centre, London.
A video installation in the hall shows how, after his death, Van Gogh has become the important (pop)cultural icon that he is today.
Van Gogh's hope that his work might go on inspiring the world after his death has come true: until this very day he reaches out to millions of admirers.
15 EUR / free of charge for children 0 - 17y and with Museum pass
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