Almost everything about sound

24.03.2016 - 03.12.2017

in short

What is sound, how is it produced and how is it propagated? What is the first sound we hear? Are we aware that the sound is our lifetime companion? We seek to provide answers to these and similar questions in the temporary exhibition almost everything about sound.
Exhibition has ended.
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6 (Borovnica)
1353 Borovnica

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in detail

Sound follows living beings at every step and its perception is, in particular for animals, often essential for their survival. Animals use sound to communicate, in the search for prey, to avoid predators and for orientation, whilst humans are also able to create sound in the form of music to induce pleasant sensations.

In the exhibition, visitors will learn about the mechanism of hearing, modes of sound generation, units of measurement and analyses. Music will be illustrated through the basic types of instruments, the history of musical notation from antiquity to today's musical notes, sound recording and reproduction devices, the basics of acoustics and an explanation what makes music pleasant to the ear. A special section will be dedicated to the ultrasound that humans cannot hear because of its high frequency, but which is extremely important for some animal species, as well as for developments in industry and medicine.

Exhibits will include objects from the Technical Museum of Slovenia, from the oldest sound recording and reproduction devices, a number of products of acoustical engineering made by Slovenian companies and the latest digital devices. There are musical instruments from the National Museum of Slovenia and selected material from private collectors. The presentations will be complemented with interactive points to provide visitors with an insight into practical applications. Children will have the possibility to learn different sounds in an amusing way – they can listen to the sounds of nature and those generated in the operation of machinery, devices and tools.
A special feature of the exhibition will be the anechoic chamber allowing visitors to experience the uncomfortable sensation caused by an almost completely dead silence that cannot be experienced in nature.
We also wish to draw attention to the electronic audio picture book Happy Valley that will help children learn about the long, diverse and mysterious history of Bistra itself.
This exhibition was organised in collaboration with many outworkers and consultants, including the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, which has been our long-time partner. This time the result of our collaboration has resulted in some very interesting exhibits.
In terms of subject, the exhibition Almost Everything About Sound is an extension of the European project "Work With Sounds", in which the Technical Museum of Slovenia participated between 2012 and 2014.
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