Sabine Golde. Art books of carivari

03.11.2017 - 14.01.2018

in short

The book as a stage on which words are enacted. Artist books as vessels, to create a context between text and image.
Menetekel, Gedicht von Hans Magnus Enzensberger
© Sabine Golde

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Museum for the Printing Arts Leipzig
Nonnenstraße 38
04229 Leipzig

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Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig

in detail

Carivari was founded in Leipzig in 1992 and since then the work has been shown in exhibitions and trade fairs in Germany and abroad. The book as a stage on which words are enacted. It is a vessel for gathering ideas and thoughts, creating a context between word and image and making it tangible and visual as an object.

An inspiration is contemporary music. Other themes are poetry, philosophical essays and scientific discourses.
adults 6 €, students 3 €, children up to 16 years 1,50 €
guided tours: adults and students 2 € (plus admission), children 1,50 €
workshop "type setting and printing": adults and students 2 €, children 1 €
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