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Despite covering a relatively small area of exhibition space, the fisheries collection aims to give a full review of freshwater fishing, past and present, across the territory of Slovenia. Established with the assistance of the Ribiška Zveza Slovenije (Fishing Asso¬ciation of Slovenia), the first section was opened to the public in 1982, while the collection was finally completed five years later. The Association continues to support the Museum’s activities through the provision of funding and technical assistance.
Fishing department
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
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An introduction to the evolution of fish species is followed by a historical review of Slovenia’s fisheries. The displayed materials relate the story of the times when fishing, like hunting, was the exclusive preserve of the upper classes. Information on fishing as an important economic activity and angling as a sporting activity is also provided. There is also a section on the history of fishing associations in Slovenia, which even a century ago were active in the field of preserving waters from pollution, although the endeavours of these early green activists more often than not had to yield to the then prescribed notion of progress. There are also a variety of displays encompassing the equipment used for fishing.

A room is especially dedicated to the technology of farming salmonid fishes, in particular trout, grayling and huchen. Fish farming is significant not merely from the perspective of satisfying human nutritional needs, but also as regards the reintroduction of indigenous species into waters that are - to one degree or another - polluted.

The final room offers a presentation of the wide variety of the fish species that inhabit Slovenia’s fresh waters. In addition to the usual information and display materials, there are a series of taxidermic specimens, which actually prove the extraordinary sizes to which an individual fish may grow.
Due to the shortage of the exhibition space, and in order to nevertheless provide a thorough presentation of Slovene waters as well as the great variety of fauna that inhabit them, there is also a multimedia display, which provides the visitor with a wealth of detailed information.
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