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The City Museums of Palazzo Mosca host a rich and varied artistic heritage. The renewed arrangement of the City Museums has taken into account both chronological and ‘emotional’ criteria with the purpose of constantly highlighting the masterpieces as well as the large variety of artistic types that are the distinguishing and remarkable features of Pesaro Museums.
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Palazzo Toschi Mosca
Piazza Toschi Mosca 29
61121 Pesaro

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The Museum path starts with the Sala Bellini (Bellini’s Room) which includes L’incoronazione della Vergine (The Crowning of The Virgin Mary – Altarpiece of Pesaro) a true summation of sacred painting of the 15th century and a milestone in the artistic life of the painter. Besides the masterpiece by Bellini, the room shows paintings of the 14th and 15th centuries coming from the ecclesiastical extinctions together with other works of art from the Hercolani-Rossini collection. In addition to the masterpiece of the Veneto’s painter, the visitor may also view the small panels, attributed to Paolo Veneziano, the polyptych by Jacobello del Fiore and the paintings by Marco Zoppo, all works of art which testify to the uninterrupted success of Veneto’s arts in the Pesaro territory; an indication of a wider net of trade and cultural exchanges in the Adriatica area.

An important space has been left to the applied arts: a significant feature in the new arrangement of Pesaro Museums. In the second room of Ceramica, arredi e sculture (Ceramics, furnishings and sculptures) is displayed a representative selection of the decorative arts collections owned by the Mosca and Mazza families. The famous, historiated ceramics manufactured in Urbino, Pesaro and Casteldurante may be admired. In the furnishings section, objects of different nature are displayed such as chinoiseries, cabinets, clocks, boxes, objects in mother-of-pearl, bone and ivory, goods of everyday use and sacred items, frames, large mirrors and parchments.

The path continues with paintings and drawings made between the 16th and 18th centuries, both of sacred and profane origin, among which it is possible to admire the Nativity by Raffaellino del Colle, The Fall of Giants by Guido Reni and the Portrait of Maddalena Osuna Giron, the lady loved by Duke Francesco Maria II della Rovere, attributed to Barocci. The period of the Counter-Reformation is illustrated with Saint Joseph and the repentant Mary Magdalen by Simone Cantarini. The 18th century is well represented, among others, by the painters Lazzarini and Sassoferrato, whereas for the genre-painting the works shown are The Market by the painter Aurelio Milani where moments of everyday life in the 18th century Rome are painted with the clarity of a photograph. Two landscapes by the Fano painter Sebastiano Ceccarini, the Landscape with the herd and herd-girl and the Landscape with the shepherd and herd, accompany the visitor in an ideal, bucolic world.

The last two rooms of the museum host a selection of 17th and 18th century still life paintings: rich arrangements of flowers and fruit, appetizing dish representations, crystals and glass display, expressions of everyday cooking and trompe l’oeils provide visitors with interesting aspects concerning same painting production. Next to the paintings, in the room Natura e inganno (Nature and Illusion,) the 18th floral majolicas from the Ugolini’s collection stand out in their splendour.
tickets (valid for seven days, includes permanent collections Musei Civici of Palazzo Mosca + Rossini's House + Temporary Exhibition): 9,00 / 7,50 EUR / With card Pesaro Cult € 5,00 / free admission until 19 years old
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