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The Neolithic Collection, which forms part of the Collection of Prehistoric Antiquities, comprises the earliest exhibits in the museum.
'Thinker' figurine
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These come from settlements and cemeteries of mainland Greece and the Aegean islands and date to the Neolithic period and the Early and Middle Bronze Age, that is the pre-Mycenean periods. They include clay and stone vessels, figurines and tools which date from c. 6800 BC to c. 1600 BC, as well as some very important hoards of precious objects from the north-east Aegean.

The display, which occupies one large room (Room 5) on the museum's ground floor, is set out in chronological order beginning with the Neolithic period and ending in the Middle Bronze Age. It highlights the important centres for each period, the typological development of various classes of objects and decorative techniques, technological change, and provides information on the activities of daily life. Explanatory texts and diagrams complete the exhibition.
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