Nairy Baghramian - SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* [As long as it lasts]

07.12.2017 - 02.04.2018

in short

The artist Nairy Baghramian has created a work of art especially for the x-room at SMK. A large, sculptural piece consisting of milky, semi-transparent forms balancing precariously on tall, shiny legs.


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in detail

Now you can explore the exhibition SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* [As long as it lasts] in the x-room at SMK – an entirely new project by the internationally acclaimed German artist Nairy Baghramian. 

Inspired by an iconic steel grid structure from the exhibition venue The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, the artist has produced an installation especially for SMK.

From solid, load-bearing ceiling to soft, fragile art
When The Renaissance Society was renovated in 1979, the architect John Vinci designed the very distinctive steel truss grid for the venue’s large exhibition room. 

Today the structure has been taken down again, and Nairy Baghramian got hold of a piece of the steel grid, reconstructing it in wood and casting it in silicone. What was originally a firmly solid, load-bearing grid structure made of metal has now been transformed into soft shapes delicately poised on spindly legs.

Smart Water

The exhibition SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* also includes a photographic work by Nairy Baghramian. The work shows the artist herself drinking from the conceptual artist Michael Asher’s granite sculpture Untitled from 1991, located in the campus park by the University of California San Diego. 

The granite sculpture, which doubles as a drinking fountain for the students on campus, is an exact copy of those standard metal fountains seen everywhere in public federal buildings in the USA.

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