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The exhibition consists of two sections: the medieval and modern section and the archaeological. In this first section are kept early Christian, high medieval and medieval findings from Torcello and the islands around it. The second houses findings found in the Venetian area, the lagoon, and material from different places, such as Egyptian statues and covering a period from the Palaeolithic to the late Roman age.
Fink C. Interno della Cattedrale di Torcello, olio su tela 1845
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Museum of Torcello
Piazza Torcello
30142 Venice

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The archaeological section, which is displayed in the Palazzo dell'Archivio contains archaeological finds coming from the Lagoon and relics from the Palaeolithic Era to the late Roman period. In this area the exhibition includes Egyptian statues, stones artifacts of pre-history collection, Greece and Cyprus ceramic vases, Italo-Corinthian vases, Etruscan pottery and pre-historic bronze, Roman ceramics and monuments, finally Greek sculpture.

The Medieval and Modern section, wich is displayed in the Palazzo del Consiglio, contains objects and documents from the first centuries of the Christian era until the 19 th cent.  In this area the tourist finds architectual fragments wich date back to the Early Middle Age when Torcello established itself as an urban centre. The exhibition includes stonework dating from a later period features decoration in western style mixed with Byzantine designs and groups of mosaics dates from the 6th cent and still painting of Venetian school of painting. Worthy of interest are the paintings from the ruined church of Sant'Antonio at Torcello and attribuite to the workshop of  Veronese.   
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Gratuito per le classi accompagnate dai docenti, per i bambini fino ai 5 anni e per i cittadini dell'Unione Europea oltre i 65 anni./ Free for classes accompanied by teachers, for children up to 5 years and for EU citizens over 65 years
Gratuito i giovedì per i residenti nella provincia di Venezia.
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