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At this moment there are in the exhibition of the museum more than 500 pieces of art, where significant is the presence of teachers and Del Negro Guarnieri and a valuable historical collection of containers of Luxardo company, as well as works by masters such as Murano and Cenedese children, Giuman, Masciarelli, Cecconcilli, Venini, and the brothers Toso.
Foglia, Murano 1990 Maestro: Cenedese
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Museo Internazionale del Vetro
Via Enrico Fermi 1
35036 Padua

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Museo Internazionale del Vetro d'Arte e delle Terme di Montegrotto Terme

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On display are important pieces, such as "Three fingers" of the 1960 Barbini, a precious vase shoe and a "Hand" in 1948, designed by Fulvio Bianconi, and, as regards the international part, the outstanding presence of two chalices Russian copy of those developed in the glassworks in the region of Vladimir, the court of Zar Nicholas.
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