Modern Times - Leipzig from the Time of Industrialisation to the Present

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Modern Times is attached to the ancient history covering the first floor of the Old Town Hall and presents the time horizon from 1815 to the present.
Blick in die Ausstellung Moderne Zeiten
© Foto: Helga Schulze-Brinkop

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Old Town Hall
Markt 1
04109 Leipzig

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On 11 December 1911 the Museum of City History opened its first permanent exhibition covering both floors of the Old Town Hall. Exactly 100 years later, on 11 December 2011 the museum’s new permanent exhibition "Modern Times. Leipzig from the Time of Industrialisation to the Present" has been opened.
200 years of the city’s history – from the revolution of 1848/49 to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 to the present, from industrialisation and the constant growth of the trade fair city to the devastating destruction during the Second World War, from the fight for social improvements to the ending of civilised life during the time of the Nazi regime – is being presented using 1400 square metres of floor area.
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