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The permanent exhibition showcasing the pre-war collection in the Narva museum presents works of art from the middle of the 17th till the middle of the 20th centuries.
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Narva Castle
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During the World War II, art collections were severely damaged while evacuating to Leningrad and Tallinn. However, despite the losses, a considerable part of the exhibits was returned to Narva. After the long-term preservation in the old building at the Narva museum territory, arts have found their place at the funds and exhibitions of the Art Gallery.

Nowadays the portraits of the 18th century are of great value in the art collections, which were created in Russia by the foreign masters, such as L.K. Pfandzelt, I.G. Wedekind, who worked in Narva too, and H. Buchholz. In the section of Russian art of the 19th till the beginning of the 20th centuries the most interesting works are landscapes by I. Aivazovsky, I. Shishkin, L. Lagorio and N. Dubovsky. Among genre art, works of K. Trutovsky and A. Makovsky are distinguished. At the exhibition, historical paintings are shown too.

Amongst the western-european works of art the single works of such authors as E.A. Kanoldt, G.A. Rasmussen, A. Choisy and R. Frigerio are being exhibited. The Modern Estonian art collection includes works of artists, whose creative development was in any way connected with Narva - these are A. Jansen, P. Aren, A. Promet and E. Werber. There are also rare and very interesting works of P. Burman, H. Mugasto, L. Mei and A. Kalmus.

Narva artists' works take special place in the collection. Creative work of the modern local painters is frequently exhibited in the halls, giving an opportunity of getting Narva painters' works for replenishment funds while continuing Lavrenzovs' museum traditions.
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