Crosses, icons and dipychs - Prophet Moses. The middle of the 17th century. Wood, carving and polychromatic painting

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Christ and Moses solid polychromatic sculptures that belong to Narva museum are carved from monolithic wood piece and lean on the round socle. The back side is untreated. Christ figure is similar to Moses by the proportions and working. Perhaps, sculptures were created by the same master and formerly were the church interior part.
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It is possible that works came from the former Narva Dome Church. In Narva Peter the Great's museum catalogue (1937), many items are mentioned from this church, including the ¹ 269 item, where the wooden Moses sculpture is mentioned, and the ¹ 270 item - the wooden Christ sculpture. From this church there are also Apostles Paul and Thomas figuresm, that are cut out from the wood for the organ decor.

If to proceed from the assumption that figures have come from Narva Swedish Cathedral, they can be referred to the middle of the 17th century. Swedish Cathedral building in Narva had begun in the forties of the 17th century (1641-1646), rostrum and altar were built in 1649, benches and organ - in 1650s. According to Karling's data, altar was established in 1648-1649. Simon Sifferson was the wood-carver. Perhaps, the church setting was destroyed during the heavy fire in 1659, because Johann George Heroldt made a new altar in the church in 1691.

The church turned into a German parish in 1733, whereupon the altar was changed into the rostrum. According to Karling's data, remains of organ and the old rostrum were kept safe in the church. Evidently, Christ and Moses figures still were parts of a former altar, because their proportions do not match the rostrum details. It is also possible that they could be a part of an old west choir as well.
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