The Bosnian roots

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"The Bosnian roots" is the permanent exibition, opened on 29th August 2009, in honor of the Day of Municipality of Visoko. The authors are the curators Habiba Efendira-Čehić and Aiša Agić-Barut.
Fragments of building materials (site Old town Visoki)
© Zavičajni muzej - Visoko

Visitor entrance

The County Museum of Visoko
Alije Izetbegovića 29
71300 Visoko
Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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Javna Ustanova Zavičajni muzej Visoko

in detail

The exibition "The Bosnian roots" covers mostly original exhibits from period of medieval Bosnian country, founded on archaeological sites in the area of Visoko.
The visitors have the opportunity to see medieval arms, like maces, swords, knives and spears. Also, medieval money (coins), stamps (gypsum replicas), crests (replicas), jewelry, fragments of pottery, venetian glazing glass, building material and replicas of bosnian rulers charters, and replica of Kulin ban's plate found 1898th near Visoko.
Children, Students, Groups - 1 KM / 0.50 euro
Adults - 2 KM / 1 euro
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Opening Times

07:30 - 15:30
07:30 - 15:30
07:30 - 15:30
07:30 - 15:30
07:30 - 15:30
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