When an Idea Becomes Property - Peter Florjančič and intellectual property

09.04.2017 - 07.05.2017

in short

From many ideas of the inventor Peter Florjančič to several successful patents, which brought him fame, prestige and wealth.
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6 (Borovnica)
1353 Borovnica

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in detail

You are kindly invited to visit temporary exhibition about the great inventor Peter Florjančič and intellectual property. It is a great pleasure for us that Mr. Florjančič will visti us on the first day of teh exhibition at 11.00.
The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

The aim of the exhibition is to present key works from Petr Florjančič and concentrate on his work related to inovations. It is difficult to summarise the long life of Peter Florjančič. In short, we can say that that he is a brave, curious and original man, a cosmopolitan by heart and audacious by nature. In his youth he was an athlete, musician and actor, later an adventurer, entrepreneur and above all he was, and still is, a world-class innovator. Amongst his many inventions, women can thank him for being able to elegantly spray perfume and for the easy application of nail polish; photographers were grateful for the plastic slide frames and entrepreneurs for his plastic injection-moulding machine.

However, Peter Florjančič, like so many other innovators around the globe, would not be successful without the legal protection of his ideas in the form of patents, industrial designs and trademarks. This is the responsibility of the national intellectual property offices. Therefore, we have left the second part of the exhibition to the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, which will talk about the copyrights, inventions, patents and trade marks.
The exhibition will open from 9th April to 5th May 2017.
4,50 / 2,40 EUR
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