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1999 witnessed the opening of the first permanent collection entitled Milling in Slovenia, further to which three more were opened the following year: Farrier’s Forge and Smithy, Bread Baking, and the Wheelwright’s Workshop. The two collections entitled From Seed to Crop and Stationary Engines (power units which were used on the farm for operating a variety of machinery), are presently displayed as open storage facilities.
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The exhibition as a whole features the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Slovenia through the ages. Indeed farming - in the sense of producing food - was the principal economic activity for the great majority of the Slovene people since time immemorial. In the collection entitled From Grain to Bread, special emphasis is placed on the cultivation and processing of grain. The tools and machinery which farmers once used to perform such activities as ploughing, tilling, sowing, cultivating, harvesting and threshing are also on show. 

The milling industry is founded on one of the oldest and most indispensable of crafts, the development of which grew in parallel with the cultivation of grain. Displays follow the evolution of milling tools and working machinery – from hand mills, querns and stamp mills, through water-powered mills, and on to the development of the modern milling industry. The collecti¬on is complemented by numerous pictorial projections of mills operating in Slovenia, as well as portraits of the millers themselves.

The collection entitled Bread Baking is a presentation of the wealth of examples, types and forms of bread produced in Slovenia; it also covers the preparation of dough and the various modes of baking. In addition to bakery production, the collection portrays the household preparation and baking of bread, together with the tools and implements used by the housewife. The collection concludes with a presentation of a modern bakery plant in which production is almost entirely automated.

In centuries gone by, the wheelwright, blacksmith and farrier were crucial to the proper function of society, and their trades were integral to the daily life and work of just about everyone. In addition to reconstructed workshops together with associated tools and products, the collection features the history and explains the significance of these crafts in the territory of Slovenia. A selection of short films provides an introduction to the particular trades and products of both the wheelwright and the farrier. A review of the development of horse- and other drawn vehicles in Slovenia’s rural economy - together with a display of the component parts of such vehicles - form an interesting supplement to the wheelwright collection. 

The Engines in Agriculture collection is comprised of a variety of traction engines, tractors, stationary engines and associated devices. The oldest tractor on display was manufactured in 1920, whereas the newest dates from 1977. Part of the collection encompasses a presentation of working machinery – including a stationary petrol engine, which operates as a power unit and drives other machinery by way of a belt drive. During the latter part of the 19th century and the early 20th century, larger agricultural machinery was powered by mobile steam engines – traction engines, the oldest of which in the possession of the TMS was manufactured in 1903 and is still operational.
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