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The contemporary Forestry department is a successor to the former Museum of Forestry, Logging and Hunting, which first opened its doors to the public in 1953 as an autonomous unit of the TMS. The primary aims and objectives of this section of the museum are to preserve industrial heritage pertaining to forestry, to study the history of forestry in Slovenia, as well as to promote sustainable and nature-friendly principles of forest management.
Forestry depratment
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6 (Borovnica)
1353 Borovnica

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In the first room of the forestry department the civilizational importance of forests and forestry from ancient times to the present day is presented. We outline the production and social functions of forests over time. People often forget or accidentally overlook how powerful effect on us have had and still have forests and timber, and which industries are based on this natural richness.

The second room shows two important measurement forestry activities, namely a quantitative measurement of surface and forests. A man from ancient times wanted to know what and how much he possess.

The third section shows the first ways of working in the woods: cutting down the trees and hauling wood with animal force, with the force of water and gravity. This way of working has been present in our forests for centuries. Indicated are also manually forestry construction and a forestation of the Karst.

Oval steps lead the visitor into the fourth place of the exhibition, showing the machine work in the forest. Development of chainsaws is shown with a number of originals. With models we present the development of forest railways, forestry tractors with winches, forestry trucks and forestry lifts.
The specialty of this place is the "art corner" where individuals can express in art work, a drawing, sculpture, or other useful product, which one way or another relates to the forest.

Added value of the entire forestry department represents the projection room, where visitors can watch the video archival and contemporary material about the forest and forestry issues.
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