Figurative Geometry

16.10.2016 - 02.04.2017

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The exhibition Figurative Geometry brings together works by nine artists who can be thought to represent abstraction or, equally, to abstract representation.
Exhibition has ended.
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Maramotti Collection
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To these ends, geometry and figuration are intermingled; shapes are shifted, geometry bends around itself, patterns emerge, while figuration refers to bodies in space—bodies which come forward and recede—as well as to numbers and their temporal register, for example, to the number of seconds in a day.
Time is also one of the subjects of this show. All of these works have been hand-painted, in some cases wet-into-wet, having to be completed in a single session, and although they exist primarily in two dimensions, the paintings—as well as the drawings—must also be considered as time-based. Because many of them reveal their contents only gradually rather than immediately, an element of time exists between the image and its reception, between the viewer and the work.

For some of these artists, their primary means is painting. For others, painting is one aspect of their practice. Even though most of the works on view have been painted, this is not a show of paintings, but of painters. The act of painting, clearly, is represented in their work, and it can be seen as a statement. In a period when anything hung on a wall will be instantly afforded the status of painting, when we are confronted by "paintings" that have been made without paint, created with printers and scanners, or with the assistance of nature, bleached by the sun and stained by the rain, an engaged practice of painting, rather than dismissed as a thing of the past, is ever more present.

The artists in the show include:

Sadie Benning (American, lives and works in New York)
Alex Brown (American, lives and works in Des Moines, Iowa)
Mamie Holst (American, lives and works in Ft. Myers, Florida)
Chip Hughes (American, lives and works in New York)
Xylor Jane (American, lives and works in Greenfield, Massachusetts)
Robert Janitz (German, lives and works in New York)
Ulrike Müller (Austrian, lives and works in New York)
Nicolas Roggy (French, lives and works in Paris)
Richard Tinkler (American, lives and works in New York)
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