A Love-Need-Hate Relationship. The Germans and their Cars

10.03.2017 - 21.01.2018

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Nothing moves Germans like their cars. The motor vehicle is the most important form of transport, yet also touches people’s feelings: it stands for freedom and dynamism, for status, lifestyle and power.
The exhibition explores the social and cultural significance of the automobile in Germany.
Poster of the exhibition "A Love-Need-Hate Relationship. The Germans and their Cars"
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Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Foundation
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Since the mass motorisation of the late 1950s, the car has shaped German economy and society. In Germany’s self-perception and in the view of others, the car is associated with unmistakeable national characteristics.
With their State limousines, leading State representatives demonstrate power as well as the highperformance of the domestic car industry.

The car enables new freedom of movement. But growing motorisation also reveals the downsides of individual mobility: environmental pollution and overcrowded roads. High number of accidents and road deaths lead to discussions about speed limits.

The high-profile car is particularly suited as a symbol for status, lifestyle and personality. Make and model, design and fittings, advertising and purpose mark identities.
On the other hand, though, car sharing, autonomous driving and electric engines herald drastic changes in the car sector: is this the end to the love of cars?
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