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The Gallery of Romanian Modern Art offers, by the means of the 700 paintings and sculptures exhibited, a meaningful insight on the history of Romanian art from the beginning of the 19th century – characterized by the separation from the religious art of Byzantine origin – up to the middle of the 19th century - the epoch of the great classics of Romanian art.
Theodor Pallady: Toujours du Baudelaire 1939 - 1940

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49-53, Calea Victoriei
70101 Bucharest

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Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României. MNaR

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The two centuries of art, crossed over by numerous currents and stylistic tendencies, are represented by famous names, important for the Romanian culture, and also by valuable but less known artists, included for the first time on the permanent display of the National Gallery. The tradition of the portrait genre and the formalism of the "primitive" Romanian painters is illustrated in the gallery through works by Anton Chladek, Giovanni Schiavoni, Iosef August Schoefft, while Theodore Aman’s and Gheorghe Tattarescu’s canvases point out the new interpretation of the Academism and Neoclassicism that these artists brought to the Romanian painting.

Near the important figures of the national art - Nicolae Grigorescu, Ioan Andreescu, Ştefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Gheorghe Petraşcu, Constantin Brâncuşi, Dimitrie Paciurea, Corneliu Baba, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Ion Ţuculescu - stand other artists that together recreate the image of the period. Among these artists there are: Iosif Iser, Camil Ressu, Francisc Şirato, Ştefan Dimitrescu, Ion Jalea, Jean Al. Steriadi, Nicolae Dărăscu, Samuel Mützner, Petre Iorgulescu-Yor, Dimtrie Ghiaţă, Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna, Lucian Grigorescu, etc. The constant endeavor of the Romanian culture to connect to the European manifests and trends is stressed out by the presence of the avant-garde canvases of Victor Brauner, Marcel Iancu, Hans Mattis-Teutsch, M.H.Maxy, Arthur Segal.

One of the halls in the gallery is entirely dedicated to the sculptor Constantin Brâncusi and displays early works together with works of maturity such as: The Torment, Child Head, the Sleep, Prometheus, the Prayer, Danaide, the Wisdom of the Earth.
The National Gallery (the Gallery of Romanian Medieval Art, the Gallery of Romanian Modern Art and the Treasure) 10 LEI
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