Friedrich Schiller in Leipzig and Gohlis 1785

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The “Schillerhaus” is considered as being the oldest well-preserved farmhouse
in the region of Leipzig. It is a rare and authentic example of rural-rustic architecture.
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Schiller House
Menckestraße 42
04155 Leipzig

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Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) stayed from May till September 1785 in the house of farmer Schneider in what was then the village of Gohlis and is now a suburb of Leipzig. The farmhouse was constructed in 1717 on three sides of a courtyard, and Schiller lived in an apartment with a bedchamber on the upper floor.

The roughly 100 items in the exhibition of the Schillerhaus give a vivid impression of the atmosphere of that time and the personalities who encountered the poet or made friends with him. Furthermore it is dedicated to Schiller’s literary works and their performance in Leipzig, such as the dramas ‘Kabale und Liebe’ and ‘Don Carlos’ and the ode ‘An die Freude’ which became world famous in Beethoven’s musical setting.

The exhibition acknowledges the contribution of the Leipzig Schillerverein and informs visitors about the history of the building, its renovation and restoration.
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