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In the exhibition, you can experience some of the museum's most famous works by artists such as Picasso, Braque, Derain and Matisse.
Jean Metzinger (1883 - 1956): Summer, 1916, Oil on canvas, 74.5 x 55.5 cm.
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A sensational collection

Johannes Rump (1861-1932) was one of the great collectors of his era. He donated gifts of art to SMK on several occasions. The 1928 donation of Rump’s large collection of French art meant that in March of 1929 the Gallery could invite its audiences inside to peruse a sensational collection that continues to give the Gallery a prominent position on the world map as far as artists such as Matisse and Derain are concerned.

Experimental and provocative

When you walk through the exhibition, you will notice striking diversity. Many artists tried several forms of stylistic expression and worked with various techniques. This experimental trend means that you can find very different works by the same artist. What these very different works have in common is that they received much attention for their distinctive vision of what modern and contemporary art would look like. Criticism raged and some artists were at the beginning of the century accused of blob painting. In the exhibition you can view very rarely exhibited artworks such as Matisse’s Zulma.
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