Electrical engineering department

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On the ground floor of the museum, adjacent to the chapel, the main part of the Electrical engineering department is displayed. The principal exhibit is a two-phase steam engine and generator. Its former home was the old municipal power plant in Ljubljana, and it was this machine that in 1897 generated the first electrical power to feed the very modest grid, which then served the Slovene capital.
Electrical engineering department
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Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6 (Borovnica)
1353 Borovnica

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Standing opposite the steam engine is a distribution panel and two generators from the Jelendol power plant, which was installed by Baron Julij Born in the mid-1890s in order to supply power to his sawmill; it eventually ended up feeding the nearby town of Tržič as well. The steam engine and turbine demonstrate how thermal energy can be converted into motion, and thence into electricity; there is also a small transformer substation from a more recent era.

Once a month we present demonstration of Nikola Tesla's experiments.
The experiments of inventor Nikola Tesla, presented by the demonstrator on functioning exhibits encompass a very interesting and appealing part of the Electrical Engineering collection. The group is initially presented with a short biography of Nikola Tesla and afterwards witnesses the functioning of the following devices accompanied by the demonstrator’s explanation:

• direct current engine
• demonstration model of three-phase electromotor
• generator of rotating magnetic field with a plate
• generator of rotating magnetic field with a metal egg
• model of Tesla’s voltage transformer 100.000V
• model of Tesla’s voltage transformer 1.000.000V
• Van de Graaff’s generator of static electricity
• plasma globe
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Exhibition closes one hour after the box-office closing time.
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Every Monday and from 4th December until 1st March the Museum is open only for groups announced in advance (+386 (0)1 750 66 72).

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