And the Orient was not so mysterious any more

04.12.2010 - 27.03.2011

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For the centenary of the comasco archaeologist Francesco Ballerini’s death, the Civic Museum of Como homage him by exposing some rare and precious finds of the most ancient Oriental civilizations, studyied and interpreted by him.
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Palazzo Giovio
Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 1
22100 Como

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The ancient civilizations from the Near East, where the writing was born, are synonymous of fascination and mystery. And their allure do not decrease as the archaeologists continue to study  the objects that they produced.

For the centenary of the comasco archaeologist Francesco Ballerini’s untimely death, the Civic Museum of Como homage him by exposing some rare and precious finds which allow to discover again an extraordinary core of the museum property. 

Alfonso Garovaglio’s collection, given to the Museum in 1905, gather more than 5000 objects belonging to the most important ancient civilizations. The finds of oriental origin were studied by Ballerini, who excelled in the studies of oriental antiquities. He was the Curator of the Egyptian Museum of  Torino and he took part in the Archaeological Campaign in the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, with the Schiapparelli’s Italian Archaeological Mission in Egypt. He always maintained a strong bond with his native town: he joined the Commission for the formation and preservation of the Civic Museum of Como and he examined the oriental antiquities of Garovaglio’s collection. Thanks to his work, it has been possible to read and interpret the hieroglyphic and cuneiform inscriptions which decorate many of these objects.
The Mesopotamian world is revealed through the exposition of some finds belonging to different ages and civilizations, over more than 3000 years. Different cylinder seals and Babylonian clay case and brick with cuneiform texts can be referred to the Sumerian, Accadian, Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations.

The Assyrian Empire is also testify by two beautiful fragments of  the relieves that probably decorated the halls of the Ninive palaces, while the “Achemenidi” and Sasanian seals tell us about the last ages of this culture, when it began to deal with Greek, Roman and Byzantine, until the final Arab conquest.

It is important to remember that Ballerini also studied the different finds from Ancient Egypt (the priestess Isiuret’s case, scarabs, ushabti and architectonical elements) which can be admired in the Egyptian Room of the Museum and, in this occasion, are further enhanced.
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