The Battle of the Nations in Leipzig

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Occupying an area of 320 m², this exhibition brings to life the events of the War of Liberation which culminated in the Völkerschlacht.
Diorama im Forum 1813
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Forum 1813
Straße des 18. Oktober 100
04299 Leipzig

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The main emphasis of the exhibition lies on the events between 1806 and 1813 which took place in Leipzig. Both the course of the battle and the effects on the population are shown. Visitors interested in the armed forces of Napoleon and his allies will find information on them as well.
Special attractions are the personal belongings of Marschall Poniatiowski, who drowned near Leipzig. These include a remarkable collection of uniforms, weapons, pieces of equipment, pictures, personal memorabilia, and the coat and boots of a Bashkir soldier.
A Diorama covering 15 square metres shows several thousand figures in a 1:72-scale reconstruction of the Russian-Prussian joint attack at the village of Probstheida on 18 October 1813.
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